PMA India is committed to recognize the excellence in projects, keeping in mind, building a PM society to ensure success of projects. This is on similar lines of International awards given by IPMA, which has network of over 70 countries. Such recognitions go a long way in promoting and spreading the spirit of Project Excellence across industries in terms of project management performance, approach and results at individual, project as well as organizational level.

Following are the Award Categories:

Lifetime Achievement Awards

This is awarded to outstanding professionals who have contributed to the development of Project Management Systems and applied good project management practices which resulted in successful projects of national importance and added value to the society, as a trend setter in management of Projects/Programs.

Organizational Excellence Award (for outstanding organizations)

This is given to organizations in recognition of their outstanding performance in successfully executing major projects of National Importance, enhancing the capabilities, values and prestige of the country. Should be technically and economically beneficial and with full team work from competent professionals in the organization.

National Project Excellence Award (NPEA)

National Project Excellence Award is given to the team or organization, to recognize implementation of successful projects in different sectors which have deep impact on PM profession.

Project Leadership Award (PL)

Project Leadership Award is to honor excellence in Project Management through its Project Leader, who has made a significant positive difference to the outcome of a project by delivering a successful project or by enabling a turn around of a project.

Young Project Manager Award (YPMA)

This Award recognizes rising talent in Project Management, and is awarded to Project Professionals who in early stage of their careers have made a valuable impact on Projects, through application of Project Management Competences.

PMA Fellowship for individual professionals

This is in recognition of the contributions made by competent professionals (individuals) in all aspects of Project Management, having demonstrated their capabilities continuously in successful projects.

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